The Story of SWEEP16

23 January 2018

Not that any of this matters, but people may be curious .....

I'm a completely average guy.   Family man from the 'burbs of NYC.

No web skills, no writing skills.    Just an idea, and completely serious about TEXAS SAYS NO and SWEEP16 ... completely convinced the United States of America would be far better off without federal tax and a relentlessly growing monster in Washington, DC.   

Many great things are paid for by federal tax dollars.   Can't put a price on the national defense, for one thing.   But we don't need federal tax to fund the things the federal government should do, or the things today's taxpayers really want it to do.

And because the federal government does do, at gargantuan direct and indirect expense, so many things it should not do, and so many things that are harmful, we'd be better off by far if we eliminated the federal government's ability to tax us.

The (completely fictional) STORY tells why we should eliminate federal tax, why our States should have far more autonomy, and how we could make these big changes quickly.   But nobody would want to read my thoughts on taxes and Freedom.    So I invented a character and a story that will hopefully be entertaining enough to read but also informative and thought-provoking.   The main character does embody the best of several real people, and the character was named before I ever heard of the baseball player.

Although the story is complete fiction, serious effort has been made to include only accurate information, and wherever specific research or published work is referenced, the attribution is  real and hopefully the presentation is correct.    Wherever ideas, research or data is attributed to a person, I have asked for their permission, input, etc.   So far, however, I don't know whether these emails have ever actually reached their destination.

The story of Texas Says No / SWEEP16 is here on the web, still in progress, because the idea is to get people thinking about it.   To get more ideas, examples, concepts, answers.   Better writing.  Support.    I'm totally serious in the belief that we could hardly do anything more beneficial to these United States than attain again our economic Freedom.

Americans can chop DC down to size.

THANK YOU --- Ralph